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  • Diamond thin film coating technology using Chemical Vapor Deposition

  • Cutting tools (inserts, endmills, drills, etc.) can be coated

  • Improve tool life time due to excellent adhesion compared to other companies
  • Excellent crystallinity of diamond compared to other companies, resulting in longer life time at the same thickness
  • Excellent pretreatment technology compared to other companies enables thin film formation over 15 m
  • Ensures superior quality and fast delivery compared to other companies

Crystallinity comparison with Other companies(A, B, C) VS Unicera



  • Crystal diamond coating

    • 10 ~ 100  longer life than conventional carbide tools

    • 2 ~ 3 times faster cutting speed
    • Reduced tooling costs and high productivity
    • Easy for rough machining
  • Nano diamond coating
    • Superior mirror surface finish through diamond coating with ten nanometer particle size ( For Micro drill, CFRP, Dental )



    Bullets025_9.gif Endmill


  • Micro, nano-sized diamond particles can be coated

   Bullets025_9.gif Dental


  • Dental burr for processing zirconia
  • Nano diamond coating ensures excellent machining surface

    Bullets025_9.gif Drill, Router, Micro drill


  • Used for PCB processing

   Bullets025_9.gif Insert tools


patrn02h.gif Diamond Coated
Cemented Carbide I/S

 patrn02h.gif Diamond Coated Cemented Cabide turning I/S

patrn02h.gif Diamond Coated
Ceramics I/S


    Bullets025_9.gif Diamond coated abrasive plate



  • Highly crystalline diamond thin film is deposited on special ceramic base material
  • Time reduction in TEM specimen sampling of high hardness materials such as alumina and SiC
  • reduction of specimen damage compared with existing resin bonding or electro-plated diamond plate


   Bullets025_10.gif Silicone, molybdenum substrate



  • Diamond films are applied to heat sinks and SAW filters because of high thermal conductivity and acoustic wave velocity
  • UNICERA supplies diamond coated silicon, molybdenum substrates, and free-stading diamond films for R&D uses. (diameter : 2~ 8", thickness : 1~500m)





  Bullets025_11.gif Semiconductor industry


  • Diamond films can be applied to various semiconductor production parts because of its excellent hardness, thermal conductivity, and chemical inertness

    Bullets025_12.gif Diamond coated SiC mechanical seal



  • Application of ultra-low friction and hardness characteristics through diamond coating
  • Improve corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and hardness characteristics of mechanical seal

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