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  UNICERA which always pursues "the unique technology in the world" has developed full-automatic Microwave Furnaces, Diamond Coating Technology using graphite. Our company stands at the head of Ceramics Industries at all times by developing cutting-edge technologies.



The Microwave Furnace produced by UNICERA adopts Micro-Time-Slicing control system so that it raises temperature 20 times faster than other existing furnaces and has uniform temperature deviation. It also allows to finish high-temperature sintering procedure which exceeds 1600 within 30 minutes. Our high-tech Microwave Furnaces are furnished to KIST, KIMM, Samsung, LG, Seoul National University, Korea University, Hanyang University.

We developed first dental ceramics microwave sintering furnace in the world and widely used at many dental labs in Korea. We are also exporting dental ceramics microwave furnace in USA, Japan and Europe.

Also, UNICERA has unique diamond coating technology, diamond deposition through decomposition of graphite. Today, diamond coating is still expansive because of the difficulties in increasing deposition rate and area. However, our deposition technique has advantages of large area and high deposition rate, which enables cost down in various diamond coating products such as cutting tool, anti-abrasive parts, and heat sinks, tweeter membrance, jigs for semiconductor industry.

Besides, our company applys TiAlSiN, DLC(Diamond-like Carbon), TiN, TiCN, TiAlN, CrN which are in the spotlight as a next generation hard coating to various products including inserts, drills, endmills, cutters.

UNICERA will create new paradigm in the ceramics technologies and the goal of UNICERA is contributing to the better living of mankind through technology. We hope our technologies will be joined with your business and flourish together. Thank you very much.

                                                                                                                         President    Shin, Seung-Doh


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